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Finding long tail keywords

21 Feb

For start-up sites or new SEO projects, the building blocks of good natural search engine optimisation is to begin with your core terms and expand out to relevant two and three word phrases (long tail keywords) that you can rank and get traffic for more easily.

SEO – What excites me most?

14 Feb

It’s an interesting question – Why do you want to do SEO? What excites you about SEO? Here’s my take on what excites me about SEO. I enjoy working on a project that many people value, yet not every one fully understands. I’m excited by the pace of change and the creative solutions that people […]

How to deal with planned (and unexpected) site down time

31 Jan

What happens if Google indexes your website when it is down for maintenance? I recently conducted a SEO audit on a site and noticed that an error page had been indexed in place of the home page. I found this while logging into Google Webmaster Tools when I noticed the wrong page in preview within […]

Online Marketing Events & Conferences 2012

24 Jan

2012 has started quickly, and we are already almost into February. If you are planning to do something new or innovative to impress your boss you need get ahead of the market, and quick. I’ve been looking at the online marketing events and conferences for 2012 that I want to attend this year so; I thought […]

LinkedIn InMaps – Perfect for mapping your network

17 Jan

LinkedIn, the social network for business, has released InMaps to help you visualise and chart your social network. Visit and log in using your LinkedIn password. InMaps builds the chart in front of you and is completed within around 15 seconds. It’s a fun tool that can be used to profile your contacts, map […]