Online marketing strategy – Online Works was set up to help people translate their business and marketing objectives into workable ideas to execute using digital techniques. The foundation of our success is continuously testing new initiatives (We’ll share these with you these on our blog as we develop and we refine the tactics). Areas of expertise include: Search engine optimisation (SEO), Web development and Social media.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We help businesses increase their visibility in search engines. The best approach is to follow the data provided by your online and off-line marketing teams. This also provides us with a benchmark to track project progress against. Your SEO audit this is broken into five key elements: Technical site audit, Content audit, Design/usability audit, Link audit and Competitor audit. The result of the audit along with your campaign objectives then provides us with a To Do List, and this with your objectives helps form our proposal.

Web development

“I need a new website” is often the starting point for a conversation. As a result, the sites we develop; are on a path to continuous upgrades and development inherent in their build. This is not a lock-in; it’s an opportunity to allow your website to grow with you as your business objectives change over time. The “new” website that you seek two years later, can be developed much more cost effectively.

Social media

Driving engagement on social media often feels akin to chasing bars of soap in the bath. On occasion, you hit the right note, and start trending in a new direction. You strike out and ride it while you can. We focus on testing initiatives and sharing knowledge with clients. We do the testing, so you get the benefits.

We believe that social media activity is best conducted via us coaching a member of your team. It’s vital that your team build their knowledge and we believe that the process of skills transfer is the most financially beneficial to you.

How are services charged?

Consultancy is charged on a per hour basis and where possible we’ll always try and offer a project fee. The project fee is designed to help you to budget for projects.

During our initial consultation we will agree your objectives – these are used as the foundation of your campaign and what we are measured against. We then agree a regular commitment and balance this against your budget.

SEO is usually provided via a fixed retainer, with deliverables determined by your visibility and engagement objectives. Social media is charged by the hour. And Web development is charged on a case by case basis dependant on your objectives.

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