SEO – What excites me most?

14 Feb

It’s an interesting question – Why do you want to do SEO? What excites you about SEO? Here’s my take on what excites me about SEO.

I enjoy working on a project that many people value, yet not every one fully understands. I’m excited by the pace of change and the creative solutions that people come up with to ‘game’ some advantage over their competitors. And I love the research that people undertake to eek out a lead, or when someone discovers a new ranking factor that has not been explored fully before.

I love the challenge when people pit their wits against each other and showcase their skills and test new SEO techniques. We all then enjoy the benefits as they blog about it a few weeks later, and everyone catches up again as the idea is shared socially.

Working with clients

I enjoy helping people to understand how search marketing can help their business. I spend a lot of time reading and digesting articles and video content. I do all this to sift the wheat from the chaff, so that I can explain the benefits in a simple and succinct manner to a client. I enjoy sharing the knowledge and helping people understand how often a simple change can make a big impact.

Tracking progress in SERPs

I think the rewarding element is not only seeing the terms increase their visibility, but tracking the impact of keywords on conversion. We do SEO to support a goal. It can be conversion, sign ups or sales – what ever it is a strongly defined goal that is then achieved is a great feeling.

Giving something back

I learnt SEO from the founder of Insurance Jobs Board back in 2004. Melanie taught me the power of on-page optimisation, then link building and the value of fresh content. A year later, I hired Richard Baxter (pre-SEOGadget) and started to learn the value of a good position in search and elements that drive click through rate. I’ve learnt a lot in the 8 years I’ve been doing SEO. I now spend time with my team coaching them on SEO techniques to give something back. I think the education element is often one of the most satisfying parts of SEM.

What excites me? Learning new SEO techniques, helping people get to grips with SEO and sharing my knowledge.

I enjoyed that. Thanks.

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