LinkedIn InMaps – Perfect for mapping your network

17 Jan

LinkedIn InMaps - Perfect for mapping your network

LinkedIn InMaps - Perfect for mapping your network

LinkedIn, the social network for business, has released InMaps to help you visualise and chart your social network. Visit and log in using your LinkedIn password. InMaps builds the chart in front of you and is completed within around 15 seconds.

It’s a fun tool that can be used to profile your contacts, map areas of strength and flag sectors for development. It resembles the post a Facebook intern produced showing what millions of connections looked like. LinkedIn InMaps takes a step further and separates your contacts into colour coordinated groups highlighting the shared relationships amongst your friends, colleagues and business partners.

Six degrees of separation

In 2007, research from Microsoft Messenger identified that we are actually 6.6 degrees of separation. The research covered 240 million people and 30 billion conversations. InMaps if focused on flagging your business/social network and who your contacts are connected to, it’s fascinating to see how your contacts know each other and link together. Your map may show you that you have more shared connections than you thought.

Building your network using InMaps

LinkedIn InMaps is a basic tool, a source of amusement in the office and not much more … until you work through your business relationships and start to identify the areas that you wish to build. InMaps is a tool to visualise your list of contacts, identify connections and create a strategy to build your network.

Think about it – 1) Why do you use LinkedIn? 2) What are the areas that you want to build? 3) And, who do you know who is connected in the areas where you want to grow? You can map sales contacts, former colleagues or contacts you know within organisations where you’d like to work. Go and use your LinkedIn InMap to grow your contacts, networks and meet new friends! Go!

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